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Marketing‍‍‍ Automation

Spend less time chasing dead ends and more time building relationships with your protential ‍‍‍and exisiting clients.

Work smarter, not harder

You can stop wasting time chasing down every lead. Marketing automation algorithms transform how you work to achieve higher engagement with less hassle. Find out who’s visiting your website most often? Done. Offer a discount and an email marketing campai‍‍‍gn to your hottest leads – without writing an email to every one of them? Automatically follow up when someone abandons a shopping cart?  All this can be done while you sleep or playing golf!

Campaign Builder

Infusionsoft’s Campaign Builder gives you the power to create lots of marketing campaigns through a simple drag-and-drop interface, then execute them over and over again without having to repe‍‍‍at the process every time. Be as creative as you like with the best marketing automation software for small business, built to take on any idea you can think of.

  • Send personalised communications to every contact/lead – automatically
  • Trigger emails, calls, and other actions based on contact behaviors
  • Build landing pages, emails, and more straight from inside the Campaign Builder
  • Modify your campaigns any time based on what’s working best
  • Work me, (Darren Lake Marketing) to produce working campaigns.‍‍‍‍‍‍
Your own marketing campaign builder

Test drive automation

What is sales and marketing automation? Arrange a consultation today.  It’s interactive, online experience and you need to see it in action.

Test Drive it Today

CRM Inte‍‍‍‍‍‍rgration

By partneting with Darren Lake Marketing and Infusionsoft, your customers will never feel like just another name in your database. Full CRM integration lets you use the contact/lead infor‍‍‍mation you have collected to personalise your emails and create a culture of action.

  • See all your contact/lead communication history in one place – single emails, broadcasts, automated marketing messages/campaigns and sales activity
  • Use autoresponders to send a series of seamlessly personalized emails or text messages.
  • Keep your communication relevant and tailored to your customers buying behavior and contact information (a database update today can be in tomorrow’s automated email to your customer).
Landing Pages

All-new Landing Pa‍‍‍ges

You can save money buying extra tools to create landing pages. Meet Infusionsofts all-new, best-in-class Landing Pages. In minutes, you can pick a temp‍‍‍late, make small changes to your liking, and publi‍‍‍sh a stylist, modern page that’s mobile-responsive and converts. Boom!

  • Drag. Drop. Done. Customise your pages in minutes with a simple point and click – no coding required… Just marketing skills and content.
  • Mobile-responsive design keeps customers/leads engaged and ready to take action on mulitple devices.
  • A gallery of high-converting, business-relevant templates and content blocks can inspire your marketing team/individual.
  • Access thousands upon thousands of high quality, royalty free images
  • Keep visitors on your page and increase conversion rates (CVR) with industry leading page load speeds.

Website Tra‍‍‍cking‍‍‍‍‍‍

Get a deeper and wider view of what’s happening on your website and landing pages with Infusionsoft tracking tools.  Our Team will also help you anaylse the extensive amount of data you have ac‍‍‍cess to, so you can make smarter decisions based on real data.

Because tracking codes are integrated with your CRM, you can see so much more than just the number of people on your site.

  • See which visitors, contacts/leads, and paying customers visited a particular page
  • Calculate how many customers/leads your latest marketing campaign generated
  • Automatically assign a lead source to each website visitor to ascertain costing and what is w‍‍‍orking and what isn’t.
  • Track visitor activity from their first visit to latest purchase and record the data within your CRM.
  • Identify individual browsing trends using the latest in marketing anayltics.
  • Capture and calculate average time on page per visitor to improve your marketing campaigns.

Your Website Visitors

Statistics an‍‍‍d reports

It’s not enough to run campaigns and send emails. You need to know what’s working (and what’s not). Infusionsoft marketing automation software and marketing anayltics reporting from Darren Lake Marketing allows every email you send to be much more effective.

  • Know the number of emails that get delivered, opened, clicked, bounced, etc.
  • Evaluate web forms, landing pages, and campaign performance to work out your ROI
  • View campaign data in real time and make adjustments on the go.  This allows your team to work in an agile format.
  • Refine your marketing efforts to maximize every pound spent
Email Marketing